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Tips & Tricks


Try layering different Atmosphoria AromaMists to create your own unique scentscapes. We love playing around with scent and encourage you to try combining your favorites.

Bedroom and Bedtime

Use on linens before making the bed in the morning or a spray a little on your sheets before getting into bed to create a relaxing or sensual ambiance or to freshen up a sick room.

Layering Trick: For a relaxing ambiance, try layering mostly Lavender Love with a touch of Bloom. For a sensual ambiance, try layering Alchemy and a touch of Spice.


Our “Quiet Spray Technology” makes neutralizing unpleasant bathroom odors easy and discreet. Toilet Trick: Spray Atmosphoria AromaMist to fill the plastic overcap and pour  into the toilet before using. This technique will help to minimize odors before they get into the bathroom air.


Atmosphoria is perfect for neutralizing strong kitchen and cooking odors, as well as using in garbage cans, compost bins, kitchen sinks and after the accidental burning of food or the strong odor of cooking seafood. Layering Trick: For a clearing and freshening of kitchen odors try layering Breeze and Esprit.

Kid’s room and Nursery

Use the Atmosphoria of your choice to freshen and brighten a child’s room or bring a relaxing scent into a nursery. Since Atmosphoria only uses safe, non-toxic and pure essential oils, you can rest assured that your children will be pampered with aromatherapy scents they enjoy and love. Layering Trick: For a relaxing and uplifting environment, try layering Lavender Love with a touch of Splash.

Hosting and Entertaining

Become your own scent artist by layering Atmosphoria AromaMists to design a welcoming feel for any get together or soiree.  Instantly transform your home, apartment, dorm room, penthouse or castle into the scentscape you want to share with your guests. Layering Trick: For a welcoming and warming ambiance try layering Mocha and Spice.


Brighten up the office and spread a scent that is clean, crisp and inviting, or just create a welcoming and productive ambiance. For a calm and productive office we recommend Elevate, Forest, and Paradisi.


On average, American drivers spend approximately 360 hours a year in the car, making your car an extension of your home. Upgrade your commute by using Atmosphoria on car upholstery or carpeting.  You will neutralize and eliminate unpleasant odors while infusing your car with the pleasing aroma of your choice. For pleasant driving experiences we recommend Forest, Breeze, and Citrada. For the worst car odor offenders, we recommend Crystalline, Botanica, and Meadow.

Laundry Room

Use Atmosphoria to add a pleasant aroma to freshly dried clothes or to rid your clothing of static cling. Laundry Trick: Try spraying your favorite Atmosphoria AromaMist to fill the plastic overcap then mix it with your unscented laundry detergent. We recommend one capful per load to provide a light, clean scent to your wash.